Mia- Our Soldiers

A PPT about the MIA with pics of each one of them

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10th Tevet

Why do we have asara btevet? Beyond that, why do we have to fast?

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Bumper Sticker Song Peulah

Objective:  To expose the chanichim to the different religious, political and social aspects of Israeli society. 

In addition, to give the chanichim an opportunity to think about how and why Israeli society manifests these different views in the ways that it does.  (ie why bumper stickers?)

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Can You Be A Zionist In Chutz Laaretz?

Objective: The chanichim will realize the complexity and the different sides of the issue of who is a real Zionist. Namely, that an American sending money to support the State of Israel, though important, today may not be considered by everyone to be a real Zionist.

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