Peula - Atividade

One For All And All For One.

Goal: the chanichim should understand that each one can hurt the whole class and it is ones power to help the whole class/ group/ friends as well

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Peula - Atividade
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Shiur - Aula

Gidon - The Man Who Could Have Been King


The chanichim will see the creative measures with which Gidon fights, and how he has progressed as a leader.

The chanichim will discuss why Gidon refuses to accept the offer to become King, and how if he had accepted, he might have ended the Shoftim cycle for good.

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Why Bnei Akiva?

בכל התנועות יש ביטוי לערכים בשם התנועה, כמו ב"נוער העובד והלומד", ה"צופים", ה"שומר הצעיר" אז למה אנו נקראים "בני עקיבא" ולא "תורה ועבודה"?

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Folha de fontes
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