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How To Make A Quiz Night

מצגת הנותנת כלים לרעיונות לחידון בנושא יום ירושלים ואיך להכין אותו

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Bar & Bat Mitzvah children are building a jewish world
You have reached the age of 12/13 and you are planning your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Interact with Israeli friends your age, who will be your twin group! Learn an exciting and interactive educational program and for the first time – the program includes an unprecedented trip to Israel and an Oath to Jerusalem at the Western Wall!
Ohr Somayach- Chanuka
Ohr Somayach- Chanuka
History, stories, laws (Mitzvot) & alot of articles about chanuka
Lag BaOmer-Yeladudim
Lag BaOmer-Yeladudim
Songs, Stories and Activities related to Lag BaOmer For young ages