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Booths For Purim Karnival / Shuk

שוק פורים מגיע? צריכים רעיונות לביתנים? רוצים לשדרג את שוק פורים שלכם? הנה כמה רעיונות

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How Is It Like To Be A Tree?

Once upon a time I was asking a tree:

“ Tree, how is it like to be a tree?”

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Peula - Atividade

La Patience

Les ‘hani’him doivent en sortant de la péoula maîtriser les évènements de la Tora dans lesquels il s’agit de patience ou d’impatience, et comprendre l’importance de ne pas être impatient.

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Peula - Atividade


Goals:  To demonstrate that one of the special features of Yerushalayim was its ability to bring all of the Jews together, an important characteristic for a capital city.

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