Presentation In Memory Of The Second Lebanon ...

תמונות ושמות כל ההרוגים ממלחת לבנון השניה

אזרחים וחיילים

וכן תמונות שלושת החטופים

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Peula - Atividade

What Would You Do?

This week the theme is personal values.  Why do you do what you do?  To teach thwe chanachim that every day, all of us have to make lots of little choices. We hope that they live up to what we think our values, but we all know that it doesn’t always happen the way we want it to.

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Divine Punishment By Untimely Death

לדון בסוגיית הכרת ביהדות

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Premio - Recompensa
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Peula - Atividade

I'm Free

Goal: the Chanichim should understand that real freedom doesn’t mean doing whatever you want and having no physical limits. The real freedom is about controlling yourself in a way that makes your soul and spirit free.

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