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What Is "chofesh" (freedom)?

1. החניך יבין מהו חופש.

2. החניך יבין מיהו אדם חופשי.

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End Of The Year Present

חוברת לבוגרי שמינית שבאים לישראל עם מידע חשוב (וגם פחות חשוב...) על ישראל

Booklet for high school graduates who come to Israel, with important information (andless important ...) about Israel

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Peula - Atividade

Bnei Akiva In A Nutshell

Aleph: To learn as to what Bnei Akiva is all about! To learn about the semel and its significance. To understand what exactly is Torah ve’Avodah?

Bet: To understand what exactly is Torah ve’Avodah?

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peula sobre heroismo y valentia

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