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Anti-semitism And The Holocaust


1. You will begin to understand the nature and uniqueness of the Holocaust.

2. You should be able to begin to understand the enormity of the "war" against the Jews.

3. You should begin to understand that the Shoah was perpetrated by human beings - normal people who were fathers, mothers, architects, lawyers, engineers, doctors, church-goers, cultured people.

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Making Time Count

Goals: 1. Awareness of the idea of Jewish Responsibility. 2. Awareness of the practical options and possibilities through which we can actualize our relationship with other Jews. 3. Understanding that responsibility can not be fulfilled with money alone.

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A Mistery Public Auction

מטרה: הכרת גווני החברה הישראלית

מטרת משנה- הנאה של החניכים

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The Advantages Of Israel

מטרת הפעולה: שהחניך יבין את מעלותיה של ארץ ישראל.

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The Covenant

The following story was told by Rabbi

Israel Spira, the Rebbe of Bluzhov, who witnessed it in the Janowska Concentration Camp

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