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Opening Activity For Jerusalem Day

The Chanichim will get more knowledge about


The Chanichim will understand the importance of the KOTEL as a holly place for the Jews.

 The Chanichim will understand the importance of 

Jerusalem and it  spiritual specialty.

 The Chanichim will understand what the special day for

Jerusalem mean.

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Premio - Recompensa

Hanuka Food

מתכונים לחנוכה- סופגניות, לביבות, ממתקים ועוד!

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Planificacion Simple

Que el janij hadrajá aprenda un metodo de planificación y los aplique

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Bnei Akiva In Israel

Situaci'on de las Ieshivot en Israel

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Activities About Jaguim In Hebrew

Peula sobre los jaguim, mahagal hashana haiehudi

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