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Recurso Tipo: Peula - Atividade em: English
Idade: 14-17
O tamanho do grupo: 10-55
Tempo estimado: 45 minutos

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Objetivo de Recursos


To review the definitions and concepts discussed

Recurso Conteúdo


Fill out the enclosed form - in one group or two groups and compare answers - and discuss the various concepts and events discussed during the previous sichot.

Project TvA


Kvutza ________________________ Eda ___________ Tzrif ____________

Madrichim ________________________________________

One hundred and fifty years ago Eretz Yisrael was ____________ and now it is ____________. The Jews living in Eretz Yisrael at that time were religious but did not believe in working the _______. They survived primarily on ___________ from chutz la'Aretz. When the chalutzim arrived, they believed in working the land and creating a Jewish State but they were not __________. The religious chalutzim believed in both religion and__________ the land. They called this philosophy _______________.

The religious chalutzim were willing to work with the non-religious Jews to _______ Eretz Yisrael and create a Jewish __________. In 1902 Mizrachi was formed to represent the religious Zionists. Later, the religious chalutzim formed a youth movement called______________.

Define the following terms:


Religious Zionist


Torah v'Avoda

List the names of the people who filled in the form _________________________________


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