Snake In The Grass

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Recurso Tipo: Jogo em: English
Idade: 10-18
O tamanho do grupo: 10-58
Tempo estimado: 45 minutos

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·        Snake In The Grass – the starter snake lies down on the ground on his/her stomach. Everybody else gathers fearlessly round to touch him/her. (one finger is enough- don’t get to close). When the madrich/a shouts “snake in the grass!” everybody runs, keeping within the bounds of the snake area, while the snake, moving on his/her belly, tries to tag as many as s/he can. Those touched become snakes too. Non-snakes run bravely around in the snake infested area trying to avoid being caught. (for your own sake and the snakes sake, take off your shoes and watch out for fingers) the atmosphere gets better if all the snakes are hissing. The last person caught is the starter snake in the next game.    


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