Zion And Ziona

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Since Zion was a little boy he loved Ziona. In the kindergarten, Zion loved to play with Ziona in blocks, Lego and the dolls. When they played house together, Zion was the father and Ziona was the mother. Sometimes, Zion pulled Zionas ponytail, and Ziona cried. The teacher warned Zion that if he continue, he wouldnt play with Ziona any more. Sometimes, Zion didnt play with Ziona, he played with other girls, and even so Zion was hurting her, she always forgave him when he said he was sorry. Everybody knew that Zion loved Ziona and Ziona loved Zion. Although Zion was a wild boy, and was rude to his teachers, Ziona loved him. When Zion and Ziona went to first grade at school, they sat one next to each other. When they had to do an assignment for school, they did it together. When Zion forgot his lunch, Ziona shared her. When Zion didn't do his homework, Ziona tried to convince him that he should do it next time. All the teachers and the children knew that Zion loved Ziona and Ziona loved Zion, and you can't say a sentence about Zion without mention Ziona, and vice versa. That the way it was always, during kindergarten, elementary school and high school. Zion and Ziona, Ziona and zion.

One year in high school Zion started to get low grades, he was rude to his teachers, didnt do his homework, and came home late. Zions father decided he would be better off in another school, far away from his teachers, far away from his friends, and yes- far away from Ziona. Zion tried to convince his father to change his mind but he couldnt. Ziona tried to avoid the fact they wont be together, but she couldnt. Zion tried

to hide his feelings and not show his distress. They were very depressed.

Zion started learning in a different school. Ziona cried a lot, Zion shed a tear once in a while. They both were very upset. They knew that from now on they wont be together all the time and they will hardly get to meet each other.

Boys chase Ziona, but she pushed them away knowing that the only guy for her is Zion. Every moment Zion had, he thought about Ziona, and Ziona thought about Zion. Zion even wrote his own Prayer- and ask to come back to Ziona. Zion did well at school, his grades were high and his father decided it is time for him to come back, come back to his family to his friends and to his Ziona. Ziona and Zion were so happy there is no way to describe it. Zion and Ziona knew that from now on nothing would keep them apart.


Explain to the chanichim that the story about Zion and Ziona represent the relations between Am-Israel and Eretz-Israel. Am Israel is Zion and Eretz Israel is Ziona. Hashem promise to Avraham that Eretz Israel will be belong to his children. And since than Eretz Israel and Am Israel were inseparable. Hashem gave conditions to Am Israel about them staying in Eretz Israel- If they behave properly they will live there in peace. But if not, they will go to the Galut, the same way Zion went to another school. And when Am Israel started to correct his ways, Hashem decided to bring them back to the promise land. Now, Am Israel is in Eretz Israel, they went trough wars, difficult times and still is. But we always know that Am Israel belong to Eretz Israel.

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