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Reasons for playing games-

@ Games bring the Kvutza together, lead to teamwork and cooperation.

@ Games are a good way to informally teach an idea.

@ Games bring out creativity and excitement in the chanichim.

@ Games are fun.

Preparation for playing games-

@ Choose a game which is appropriate for your Kvutza’s ability, maturity, level and likes.

@ Know the game well and have all required items prepared.

@ Try to use a mix of games- active, quiet, dramatic etc.

@ Always have extra games prepared.

@ Don’t play the same games week in and week out.

How to play a game

@ Explain the game clearly and concisely.

@ Be enthusiastic.

@ Play the game with the Kvutza.

@ Keep the game moving, with a minimum of interruptions.

@ Stop the game at its peaki.

  Making a game Chinuchi (educational)

@ Use key words: By repeatedly using key words, the chanichim will remember the name, place, or idea which you are dealing with (i.e. "I'm going on  ALIYAH and I'm taking __________ “).

@Experiential games: In thus type of game the chanichim act out the Nosah. The goal is for the chanich to 'experience’ and feel part of the topic and thereby come to have a better understanding and appreciation of the idea (i.e. Get to Israel and avoid the

British tag game).

@ Informative games: These are games that require the chanichim to use or learn specific facts about the Noseh (i.e. Chidonim, twenty questions etc.).




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