Tu Bishvat Races

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Recurso Tipo: Peula - Atividade em: English
Idade: 8-12
O tamanho do grupo: 15-30
Tempo estimado: 60 minutos

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Objetivo de Recursos

Goals: To refresh the chanichim's memory about Tu B'Shvat

Adereços necessários e Materiais

Oranges, fruits for tasting, cards with tree names and corresponding cards with tanach personality names (below examples)

Recurso Conteúdo
Tu Bishvat Races
Written by: Cleveland
Goals: To refresh the chanichim's memory about Tu B'Shvat
Suggested Age: Aleph
Suitable for Shabbat
Materials: Oranges, fruits for tasting, cards with tree names and corresponding cards with tanach personality names (below examples)
All the chanichim will sit in a circle. The madrich/a will divide them into two teams "Tapochim" and "Temarim". The madrich/a will do it by giving the first chanich/a on the circle the name "Tapoach", the next one will be "Tamar”, the next "Tapoach”, “Tamar”, “Tapoach” and so on. Then the madrich/a will ask "Tapochim” to stand in one side of the room, and "Temarim” to stand in the other side. You will start to play a few games about “Tu Bishvat", and the teams will compete between them (try as much as you can to make each one of the chanichim to participate).
The games:
1. Peel the orange: Each group sends a representative. The two representatives get oranges, and they compete between them who can peel the orange the fastest. The one that finishes first- win! You can play it again with new representatives. (it's preferable that someone eats the oranges right after to make it okay for Shabbat)
2. Taste the fruits: Each group sends a representative. The madrich/a will cover their eyes with a shirt or something else. Each one of them will get a plate with different kinds of fruits (the madrich will cut 
the fruits and set the plate before the peula start!), they will have to guess what is the name of the fruit they just tasted. The representatives that guess more names of fruits win the game. You can play it again with other children.
3. Match the person to the tree: Each group gets cards. Half of the cards have names of famous people from the "Tanach", and half of the cards have names of different kinds of trees. The teams compete who can match the right person to the right tree first.
דבורה הנביאה----------------תומר
4. This is the last part of the Peula and all the chanichim can participate in it. Tu bishvat known as a very Israeli holiday, and that is why we going to conduct an Israeli quiz. There are 3   categories, “Culture in Israel”. “Tu Bishvat” and “General questions about Israel”. Every category has 4 questions. When a chanich/a says a correct answer he/she get a candy and also the right to pick the next category.
Culture in Israel:
1. Say one name of an Israeli singer.
2. Give one name of a book in Hebrew.
3. What is the city in Israel that is famous for it nightlife and culture (Tel-Aviv).
4. Bring an example for a movie that its main characters are Jewish? (Yentel…)
Tu Bishvat:
1. Say the names of all the “Shivat Haminim” From the end to the beginning.
2. Lets say you have in front of you four kinds of fruits- an apple, an orange, grapes, a date. Which one will you eat first? (grape, date…-according to the order of “shivat Haminim” in the Pasok in the Torah).
3. What is the main custom of “Tu Bishvat”? (To plant trees)
4. What is the first tree to bloom in Israel during this time of the year? (Almond. You can give the children a hint- “Hashkediya porachat…)
General Questions about Israel:
1. How do you call the parliament of Israel? (Hakneset)
2. Who are the candidates for the coming election in Israel? (Barak, Sharon).
3. What is the lowest place in Israel and in the world? (The Dead Sea).
4. What is the 5th world in the “Hatikva”? (Nefesh).

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