The 7 Spices

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Idade: 6-18
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Tempo estimado: 60 minutos

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Objetivo de Recursos

The chanich will gain more information about the holiday by a game.

Recurso Conteúdo

Peula for Tu Bshvat- The 7 Spices


1. clues the 7 spices.

2. game

3. a Zionist date

4. summary

1.Clues the 7 spices:

devide your chanichim into a few groups. give each group a clue the answer is one of the 7 spices.ask each group what was her answer and what is the connection between all the answers.

2. Bingo/Tic-tac -to:

prepare bingo boards for each the riddles and let the chanichin mark their square in a creative way (Shabbat).


1. My oil was used to lit the menorah in the temple in chanucka. (olive)

2. I dont need a lot of water,so I can live even in the fields of the negev. (barley) bishvat is called ___________ lailanot =trees. (rosh hashana)

4.TU refers to the ________ day of shvat (15)

5.we are made out of dry grapes (raisons)

6.the first wineyard in the bible was planted by (noah)

7.the first tree mentioned in the bible (eitz hadaat)

8.a different for tree in Hebrew (ilan)

9. the insitute that is in charge planting trees in Israel (keren kayemet leisrael)

10. the prophet micha says about days of peace: and each man will sit beneath his grapevine and his ________ tree and no one will fear(fig)

11. some people say I have 365 fruits, exactly like the number of mitzvoth in the torah. (pomegranate)

12. bread is made out of me (wheat)

13.under which tree did yonah the prophet sit ?(kikayon)

14. Under which tree did Dvorah the prophet sit ?(alon)

15. A school in Toronto that has the word tree in it. (eitz chaim)

16.who was ILAN ramon was he a tree? (the first Israeli astronaut)?

17.what is the bracha we say on a banana? ( -because it grows on a bush)

18.if you plant a new tree, after how many years can you eat the fruit?(5)

19.they year we are not supposed to work, plant or enjoy fruits (shanat shmita)

20.which Israeli institute was established on tu bishvat?(the Knesset)


.I am one of the oldest and common trees in the land of Israel. you can find trees like me, thousand years old in the Galilee.

I was major actress in the story of Chanukah: when the people of Israel wanted to lit the menorah in the temple,they used only one small can of my oil the only one they could find. But guess what? My oil lit the menorah 8 days and it was a big miracle.

Today,when thers no temple you can just find me in the super-market,un the vegatable section,in a can or a bottle.

Who am I?


.we both look a little bit the same.

The _______ is considered one of mans most basic crops from _______ flour bread is produced. On Shavuot, the festival of first fruit the first of the ______crop would be brought to the temple.

The _______ is an important grain in Israel.Because it requires less water than no. 1 , it grows even in the fields of the Negev. The harvest begins in the month of Nissan and two weeks later it was brought to the temple as a part of the pesach festival in Jerusalem.


. I have rich red flowers, and dark red fruit. my shape is very interesting, if you go to your sinsgo ge on shabbat you may see me made out from gold decorating the torah.

Even the high priest used my shape to decorate his garment in the temple.

Some people say I have 356 pieces of fruit inside, like the number of mitzvoth in the torah.they wish each other on Rosh Hashana after they eat me: may you have lots of ______ like in the pomegranate

Who am I?


Man has been using me since earliest times: Noah planted the first vineyard mentioned in the bible after the flood.

You can find me in red or green.i can even provide wine dry or sweet,that makes people happy.i am a symbol to the bounty of the land of Israel/

Who am I?


Ill start from the beginning: prophet micha has mentioned me in his vision of peace of land: each man will sit beneath his grapevine and his _______ tree and no one will fear.thats true,my tree makes so much shade,you can just sit and relax and eat some of my fruit in a very hot day in the can eat me dry or fresh.i am a symbol of fertility.


.i usually grow up with a few houndred frits like me,on a very tall tree.this tree is very useful,especially in the holiday of suukot:the branches are being used for civer,the fibers for rope and the trunk for building.

By the end of the summer-we are picked from the trees,when we are already yellow and being eaten fresh or dry.

Oh!I forgot! I have a major part in rosh hashana too.the honey that is made out of me,is being eaten together with the apple when everyone blesses each other may yoh have a good and sweet year.

Who am I?

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