Parsha Questions – Acharei-mot

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הרב גדליה פטרזייל

FIRST ALIYAH: (ch. 16 v. 1)

  • ״ What Did Aaron have to do before getting dressed

  • .״ Explain how the lottery worked

  • ״ For whom did Aaron atone

SECOND ALIYAH: (ch. 16 v. 18)

  • ?״ How were the sins transferred onto the goat

  • ?״ Where was the goat sent

THIRD ALIYAH: (ch. 16 v. 26)

  • ?״ On which Hebrew date was the goat sent out

  • ?״ What does Yom Kippur have in common with Matzah

FOURTH ALIYAH: (ch. 17 v. 1)

  • ?(״ For what act would one receive karet (to be cut off

  • ?״ Which animal was commonly perceived to be a god

FIFTH ALIYAH: (ch. 17 v. 8)

  • ?״ Why cant one consume blood

  • ?״ Why must the blood of an animal be covered with dust

  • ״ From this portion the Sages emphasize that one may violate all commandments (except three) when ones life is in danger.

  • Where is it learned?

SIXTH ALIYAH: (ch. 18 v. 6)

  • ?״ Are an uncle and niece part of the forbidden relationships

  • ?״ What is the Molech

SEVENTH ALIYAH: (ch. 18 v. 22)

  • ?״ What is the Torahs view on homosexuality

  • ״ I am under your feet every day of the week, but if you rebel it is you

  • ?I will be forced to expel. Who am I

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