Ideas For Booths At A Yom Haatzmaut Event

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A list of ideas for booths for a Yom HaAtzmaut event

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Ideas for booths at a Yom HaAtzmaut Event



  1. Falafel balls making (from powder-mix, in bags/boxes. You will also need fries machine)
  2. Places in Israel / persons  - Bingo
  3. Collect recycling items (like boxes, cans, etc.) in advance. Build a famous building in Israel (like the Knesset, Azrieli towers etc.)
  4. Choose 4 -5 terror victims families / mishpachot shakulot / army units. Write letters for them, make a video of people sending the brachot to them etc.
  5. baking pitas (on tabun)
  6. Ice – cream maps of Israel - put ice cream in 9*13” pans. Supply the participants with candies, syrups, cooky-crumbs, chocolate chips, icing, sprinkles etc.  – different types and colors. Hang a colorful map of Israel. They will have to make the map on the ice cream with all the other materials. After judging the best map – give them spoons and let them start digging…
  7. icing a cake with an Israeli theme
  8. everything, especially stalls of selling can be designed like a shuk, including the noise, etc.
  9. huge puzzles of  - map of Israel, places in Israel, Israeli flowers, persons etc. there will be a time limit (according to age) and small prizes (???)
  10. Raffle – first prize – 2 air tickets to Israel, other prizes – different Israeli / Judaic  product.
  11. design your own flag, based on postcard idea
  12. IDF training
  13. Israel info centre: info for touring or for buying houses
  14. Mosaic Making
  15. get to know Israeli money – learn about the notes we have and design a new 10,000 Shekel note (choose a person, a message and what would be on it) the winning design will be published locally and win a prise.
  16. Tav Hashaa – play 10 seconds of an Israeli song and people have to guess the song.
  17. notes to the Kotel



Links for Yom Haatzamut: – a website listing all the new inventions and technologies in Israel – a nice place to look for more ideas.



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