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Bnei Akiva Basics - Yad Achim

Here is a fun way for us to help our chanichim/ot to think about (and maybe even learn) the words of Yad Achim. 

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The Underground Organizations


החניך ילמד את הרקע להקמת המחתרות השונות בארץ ישראל.

החניך יכיר סיפורי מורשת קרב עיקריים של המחתרות השונות.

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Places In Israel

getting Chanichim to have a better feel for the places in Israel

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Tifzoret For Succot

תפזורת לחג סוכות

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Activities, information, quizzes and fun work sheets about Pessach and the spring for 1st-6th grade
Links to other sites about holidayes
Marking 40 to Jerusalem kit
Marking 40 to Jerusalem kit
A kit to mark 40 years to Jerusalem. Include- Peulot, presentations, videos, Divrey Torah, etc., in Hebrew and English