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Jerusalem Hats

מצגת עם 16 שקופיות המציגות את הגוונים השונים החיים בירושלים ע"פ סוגי הכובעים השונים שהם חובשים.

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The Gates Of Jerusalem- Pictures

תמונות אלו שייכות לפעולה בנושא שערי ירושלים

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Dugma Ishit

The chanichim should understand that although a dugma ishit is very important, an ishiut shedugma is on a much higher level.  We should always be looking to learn lessons from those that have dugma ishit; however, we should look to an ishiut shedugma when we are looking for someone to emulate, for someone to be our role model.

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Ten References To A Sound

different Mekerot (sources) that refer to the use of the shofar at various important moments in the history of the Jewish people.

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El tema de esta Majane es el agradecimiento a Hashem en todo momento. Las Berajot es una de las mejores formas de agradecer lo que recibimos diariamente, por lo que conocerlas y estudiarlas a fondo nos ayudara en nuestra vida diaria.

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