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A Light To The Nations

Grades 1-3

Goal:       1. to begin to teach the meaning of the term Or Lagoyim= the Jewish people as a nation have an obligation to act together in a way that presents the positive lessons of Judaism such as compassion, justice and charity to people who are not Jewish so the world as a whole can become a better place.

2. to teach the chaninchim/ot that by working together as a group (as a nation) one can have greater influence and impact than by acting alone Grades 4-8

Goal:  to begin to teach the meaning of the term Or Lagoyim= the Jewish people have an obligation to create a society that reflects the high moral standards of truth, honesty, compassion and justice that Judaism teaches, and this society should be a model for and influence all the nations of the world.

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Yerushalayim's History

: Teach the History of


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To teach the chanichim the goal of Tzionut.

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