The Characteristics That It Must Have A Madri...

Las características que tiene que tener un madrij

·        Ser ejemplo

·        Tener creatividad

·        Ser sociable

·        Ser carismático

·        Ser responsable

·        Creer en D’s


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La Haloutsiout

Qu'est ce que la Haloutsiout??  Parrallel entre la Hloursiout originelle et celle d'aujourd'hui.

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Peula / aktivitet

Important Jews & Leadership

Who is a leader?

Each one of the characters lead something else, a leader is one who influence people, even if it’s in music

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Posters For Chanukah

פוסטרים לתלות בכיתה בנושא חנוכה

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The Covenant

The following story was told by Rabbi

Israel Spira, the Rebbe of Bluzhov, who witnessed it in the Janowska Concentration Camp

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Jafi- Hatikva
Jafi- Hatikva
How to sing & play the "Hatikva" the Israeli anthum, and what is the history behind it