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Sounds Of Hallel

a jewish theme to the sounds of muzic.

Mottie is a yeshiva bochur who is too tzioni for his yeshiva.

The rosh yeshiva sends him out to teach yehadut and hebrew to a family, so that Mottie can try and find himself.

Mottie goes to the family whos father passed away a fews years ago and since then the family hasnt been very obserevant ( or tzioni). The mother runs a very strict and the kids dont really have a life.

Mottie brings music, happiness, yehadut and tzionut back into the house, and brings the mother closer to her children.

Mottie doesnt realize that he falls in love with the oldest daughter, who thinks shes in love with the mailman.

She realizes that the mailman is a chauvanistic pig and doesnt respect her. He is also a firm believer that everything will be ok and that there is no need to leave Austria.

Aliza realizes that the mailman is not for her and seeks comfort from Moshe, not realizing that they are falling in love with each other.

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Peula / aktivitet

10 Tevet

Teach the chanachim about the fight between the jews and the babalonians for Yerushalayim.

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Peula / aktivitet

The Ghetto

Aims OF Peula:

To learn about the concept of the ghetto

To see a little about what life was like in the ghetto

To think about what names say about a Person and why we are called Bnei Akiva

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J.12. Remnant

This activity may be used after other symbols activities to review what is important to the group.

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