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Yiftach's Downfall

Goal: The chanichim will discuss the downfall of Yiftach, though debating the issue of whether or not he sacrificed his daughter (and why!) and the massacre of Bnei Efrayim.

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I Care!

The goal:

Each day we find people that don’t care enough about things around them.

Your Chanichim will understand, that we have to learn to take care about the people around us, and to think about them sometimes, like we want them to think about us. If we want a healthy and good society, we have to work on our Midot!

We need to pay attention not only for our self’s, and family. We need to pay attention also for people that we don’t know, and to take care for them, too.

The Chanichim will understand, that to take care isn’t only in the big things, it is also in the little things, during the day, and we need to get use to this idea….

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Jerusalem Ppt

15 slides with pics of Jerusalem. since Jerusalem was divided & until now. 

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Hakamat Hamedina - Agriculture In The New Yis...

To teach about the huge importance of agriculture in the New Yeshuv, how this fits with our ideals, and depict the amazing obstacles that were overcome by the settlers.

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