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Sukkah Hop - Journeys

Welcome to Bnei Akiva! This year we are starting snif off with a hop!  A sukkah hop is an especially fun snif, and it’s the perfect chance to make a great first impression with your chanichim.  Be friendly, enthusiastic, fun, yourselves!  The theme for this year’s Sukkah hop is ‘

Mission from Mitzrayim’. We, as Bnei Yisrael did, are travelling from Mitzrayim to Sukkot to Midbar Sinai to Arvot Moav and then (phew) finally, to Eretz Yisrael.  Each group will have a map of the area, and your Roshei Snif will tell you which house is which location on the map for your group.  One sukkah will have a quiz, one will have a game, and one will have a story. 

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Hebrew Words

כרטיסיות עם מילים שונות בעברית, באנגלית ובכתיבה פונטית

מתאים ללימוד מילים בסיסיות ושימושיות לביקור בישראל

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