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Que los janijim conozcan las halajot de Januká (más específicamente, del encendido de la janukiá)

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The Succa As A Simbul

O     החניך יבין כי הסוכה מסמלת את ביטחוננו המוחלט בקב"ה.

O     החניך יכיר את ארבעת המינים המסמלים את אחדות עם- ישראל.

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Anti-semitism And The Holocaust


1. You will begin to understand the nature and uniqueness of the Holocaust.

2. You should be able to begin to understand the enormity of the "war" against the Jews.

3. You should begin to understand that the Shoah was perpetrated by human beings - normal people who were fathers, mothers, architects, lawyers, engineers, doctors, church-goers, cultured people.

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many types of activities for Sukkot like colouring, building a Sukkah etc;
Leadel- Jewish Leadership
Leadel- Jewish Leadership
videos etc about Jewish Leadreship of then and now