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Israel’s Water Crisis


Israel’s water crisis: the beauty behind Am Yisrael’s dependency on Hashem for rain and how we must do our part too

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G. 27 Hug Tag

This variation on classical tag is a perfect example of how to turn an old game into a new one, with positive energies helping group members connect, support each other and express togetherness.

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Operation Peace To Galilea


-Que el Janij sepa de que se trata esta operacion -Que el Janij identifique al Tzahal como ejercito de DEFENSA

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Israel's actions in Gaza is an act of self-defence
Israel's actions in Gaza is an act of self-defence
A lawyer explains why Israel has the right to defense herself
Israeli Sprouts
Israeli Sprouts
the site includes information about Israeli scouts, a variety of activities including for trips, pictures from Israeli scouts and more.