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Biblical Leadership Shiur/sicha

The point of this shiur is to teach the chanichim about various leadership qualities, and to show them examples in Tanach where these leadership skills are used by different characters. Therefore the goals of this shiur are threefold:

 To discuss with the chanichim various traits a leader should possess and why these traits are so crucial.

To use the examples in Tanach as jumping off points for discussing contexts when these traits should be put into use. Try to think of other examples in their lives where this particular leadership trait would need to be employed.

To show the chanichim how the Tanach is not boring, but active and engaging, full of situations and characters that we can relate to and identify with. The characters in Tanach should be seen by the chanichim as “leader role models” that they can identify with and strive to imitate.

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Israeli Writers

מטרת הפעילות: היכרות עם ש"י עגנון, אחד מגדולי הסופרים היהודיים בכל הזמנים ועם

                           ירושלים ושכונת תלפיות בתחילת המאה ה-20.

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To Love Or To Hate?

for the chanichim to understand why we want ahavat chinam

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Wine Activity

מטרת הסדנא:

1. הכרת תכונות הגפן ותהליך ייצור היין.

2. חויה בהתנסות עשיית מיץ ענבים.

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In Memorium: St. Sgt. Roi Nissim

An obituary for St. Sgt. Roi Nissim, who was killed in the Gaza Strip on June 27, 2004

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