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Good & Bad Deeds

ולדבר עם החניכים על כך שכמו שהם צפו במעשיהם של האנשים ברחוב, כך יש מישהו למעלה שבוחן את מעשינו יום יום שעה שעה.

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We're All Different

To teach the chanachim to be trolerable and respect people different to them e.g. disabled people.

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The Influence Of The Society

Objetivos: Ver hasta que punto el grupo donde vivimos influencia en nosotros,

                   Sea como persona, sea como pueblo viviendo en la diáspora.

                  Identidad judía y personal frente a la asimilación y la influencia

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To teach the chanachim that the source of “tzionut” in Hebrew literally is “tzion” – one of the names of Yerushalyim. Tzionut is a longing for Yerushalyim.  But that is not how we have come to understand it.  We understand it as a love of

Israel, (Yerushalyim included in that) encompassing that of both modern day Midinat

Israel and of the “Old”


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Jerusalem from the sky
Jerusalem from the sky
You can find photos of Jerusalem from above