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7th Of Adar- Moshe Rabbenu

Goal: We can learn a lot form Moshe Rabbenu, even by looking at the stories that we all know and remember from when we were young.

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Peula / aktivitet

Kids In The Holocaust

מטרה- לתת תחושה לילדים דרך כמה משחקים על מה שהילדים היהודים

הרגישו בשואה

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The goal:

The main communication between two people- is Hakshava- listening.

During the day, when every-one runs from one place to another, when we feel we have to do a-lot of things, we don’t listening. We are hearing, but we aren’t listening. Not to ourselves, and more then that, not to the others.

We hope, that this Peula, will open a little-bit the understanding of the Chanichim to listen more to each other, and it will bring our little neighborhood, and area, to be more patient, to hear, and to listen to the others.

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Peula / aktivitet
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