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Kiddush Hashem- 3 Cardinal Sins

Goals: Teach about Shfichut Damim, Gilui Arayot and Avodah Zara, the three cardinal sins. Discuss why, even though life is so sacred, we are obligated to die instead of committing them.

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Bereshit Bara

To show the chanachim that the worl is not a coincidence, that G-D controls everything and so that they will appreciate what goes on around them.To try and get the chanachim to be familiar with the creation (or at least with parshat bereshit).

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1)החניך יכיר את דמותו של הרמב"ם,קווי אופי,תווים חיצוניים(תמונה).

2)החניך ילמד על מפעליו של הרמב"ם ותרומתו למסורת ולתרבות היהודית.

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