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Judging People

For the chanichim to understand that first impressions aren't always correct and if they want to get to know someone better they must give them a chance.

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     ·   To learn why the Torah stresses the word generations

·      To show them the importance of passing the Torah down and learning

 To make sure that we are not the generation that breaks the chain

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Shavuot And Megillat Ruth

1. To learn about Shavuot through its many names2. To consider the different minhagim (customs) of Shavuot and understand their relevance3. To know the 'story' of Megillat Ruth

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Rabbi Akiva

To teach chanachim about the history and teachings of Rabbi Akiva.

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Shivat Tzion- The Return To Zion


1. You will gain some understanding of the history of modern political Zionism

2. You will begin to realize the hardships and challenges which faced the pioneers in

Palestine from the turn of century to the mid 1900's and their dedication to overcome these obstacles.

3. You will begin to understand that

Israel was not created in a day by the UN, but was really established through the sacrifices of those who came in response to the Zionist dream.

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