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The Chalutzim

Background: In this peula we are going to simulate a chalutz’s attempt to live in

Israel in the 1800’s. The kids will face the same trials and tribulations that the early settlers felt, and they will have to deal with those situations.

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Bereshit Bara…- Parashat Bereshit

Goal: To show the Chanichim that the world is not a coincidence, that God controls everything and so that they will appreciate what goes on around them.

AND: to try and get the Chanichim to be familiar with the creation (or at least with Parashat Bereshit).

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Exile's Pain


los janijim comprenderán que el dolor del galut (exilio), y el sufrimiento de nuestro pueblo deben pesar sobre nosotros como lo pesa sobre nuestra matriarca Rajel. Quien, según esta escrito, esta llorando eternamente por le exilio de sus hijos.

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