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מרכז ההדרכה המקוון

Peula / aktivitet

Midot – Values Clarification

Goals: What is the nature of virtues? Do values change over time?

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Movie Of Hachrazat Haatzmaut

סרטון של בן גוריון מכריז על הקמת המדינה

האיכות היא משנת תש"ח

קובץ כבד בהורדה איטית

a movie of Ben Goryon declaring the state

the quality is from 1948

its a hevy file

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Pictures from Sderot

תמונות על המצב בשדרות

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Peula / aktivitet

Shevet Name Sicha- Achiya

Goal: This shevet was given this name, davka because it is felt that now is the time in jewish history when division and lack of achdut are the biggest issues, and it is the hope of bnei akiva that the members of this shevet will be the ones to go out to am

Israel and be me’ached it.

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