Ideas To Get Them To Come

Ideas to get the chanichim to come to the Snif

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Being A Hero-individual Heroism

Goal: That the Chanichim will understand that being a hero is not about how strong you are, we can be heroes every day in our life, all the people that we are looking up to became what they are thanks to the little things that they taught themselves to do.

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7 Boom


להבין שהחזרה בתשובה זה לא בום גדול וחד-פעמי, אלא תהליך של התקדמות יומיומית איטית ועלייה מתמדת.

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Bnei Rabbi Akiva

To discuss why our tnua is named after Rabbi Akiva, to review the meaning

behind Bnei Akiva rites and rituals.

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