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La תורה nous enseigne l’importance de la bonne humeur. Nos חניכים doivent sortirent de la פעולה en ayant appris לשמח בחלקו : se réjouir de ce que l’on possède.

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Lag Ba'omer- Customs


- היכרות עם המנהגים הנהוגים בחג, ונעמוד על משמעותם ומקורם.

- ברור משמעות המנהגים ומקורם.

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Rabbi Akiva

To teach chanachim about the history and teachings of Rabbi Akiva.

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Eli Cohen

to learn about the 12 Meraglim (spies); To learn about Eli Cohen

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"oh The Places You'll Go!"

1) Teach the Chanichim about the diversity of Israeli Culture in the cities around the country.

2) Emphasize the positive traits and values which we can learn from each of these places/sects of Israeli society.

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Hebrew Ulpan
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