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Peula / aktivitet

The Underground Organizations


החניך ילמד את הרקע להקמת המחתרות השונות בארץ ישראל.

החניך יכיר סיפורי מורשת קרב עיקריים של המחתרות השונות.

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Peula / aktivitet

Chanukah Peula

In Chanukah we celebrate the holiday of light, but we need to remember the Macabim didn’t fight only the Syrian Greeks but also their cultures.

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Massada And The Bar Kochba Revolt

To learn about the Bar Kochba Revolt which was a last attempt to liberate

Jerusalem from the Romans after the destruction of the Bayt HaMikdash. To discuss if the mass suicide at Massada was justified. Please note, Massada is not in

Jerusalem, but rather the

Negev. It is slightly off topic, but still a very important part of our story.

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Peula / aktivitet

Peula – The Mishkan, (for Parshat Truma Or Va...


To learn about the keilim in the Mishkan and where they were placed.

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