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The chanichim should understand Yehoshua’s strengths as a leader and how he differed from Moshe.

The chanichim should understand the challenges Yehoshua faced leading the Jews during the transition period from life in the Midbar to life in Eretz


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J.5. Jewish Expressions Relay Race

Sentences or Expressions can be Jewish expressions from history, simple questions, or statements on any Jewish topic.

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Candles Behind Bars

The Rebbe asked: "And what about Chanukah? Can the inmates light Chanukah candles?" One must appreciate, the Rebbe said, how important it is for a person sitting alone in a cell to light a Chanukah menorah. One cannot fathom the warmth and hope this brings, and how this will uplift his spirits in such a dark environment.

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Sigd Holiday

חוברת בהוצאת בני עקיבא בישראל על חג הסיגד עם רעיון לפעילות לגילאי יסודי וחטיבה.

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