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Going On A Hike

הקדמה: החניכים בפעולה יעברו הפעלות הקשורות לכל הקשיים אשר הם יעמדו לעבור בטיול  כלומר "להקדים תרופה למכה".

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Goal: The chanichim will understand that there are levels of giving charity. In addition, they will understand that giving charity is meant not only to help the poor man, but to make us into better and giving people. Finally, The chanichim will internalize that according to Judaism although people have private property, essentially all of their money belongs to God. There are many laws that demonstrate this idea, asking each Jew to give of their own to the weak.

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Judging People

For the chanichim to understand that first impressions aren't always correct and if they want to get to know someone better they must give them a chance.

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Birkat Hamazon

לברך ברכת המזון מהדף ולא בעל פה

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How And Why We Daven?

To teach a little about why, when and how we say tefila

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