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מטרה : א. להביא למודעות, שהתפילה היא צורך טבעי לאדם.

            ב. להכיר סוגי תפילות.

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Bnei Akiva: Yad Achim

Goal: Here is a fun way for us to help our chanichim/ot to think about (and maybe even learn) the words of Yad Achim. It was written by Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Neriah, during sukkot, 1932. For quick reference, here are the real words (backwards because it's Hebrew):

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Missions Objectives

En este juego los participantes se deben dividir en grupos, a cada grupo se le asigna una misión (observar algún objeto en la calle, traer diferentes objetos de afuera, exponer algún tema de gusto general).

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Racism Vs Chosen People

Aleph: To show that racism is wrong. To learn about the unfairness of stereotyping.

Bet: To learn about racism from a Jewish perspective To understand the idea of a chosen

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