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Israeli Personalities

A PPT about 7 important people in the history of Israel

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Peula / aktivitet

Bnei R Akiva

Goal:  To discuss why our tnua is named after Rabbi Akiva, to review the meaning

behind Bnei Akiva rites and rituals.

Peulah:  You know your kvutza (e.g. whether they are active, contemplative, etc.) – select ONE of these peulot and adapt it as appropriate.  You may be able to get through both peulot but more likely, one will take up the majority of your time, and you do want to save some time for going through and explaining the “rites” and “rituals”

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Peula / aktivitet

There Is No Greater Happiness Then Making A D...

            This peula is her to teach the Chanichim two things one decision making skills.  The second thing they will get from this peula is how it connects to Purim.

It connects because when Esther was asked to go speak to Achasverosh about “law” that was sent out to kill all the Jews of shushan  She had a hard time deciding what to do to put herself first or put her people first and once she made the decision to go and speak to the king everything worked out well.

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Shiur/ lektion

Kedusha Of A Shul

Kedusha of a Shul (a)To learn that a shul has kedusha but this is a concept that has to be explained. Kedusha has to do with a Sefer Torah.

Kedusha of a Shul (b)Learn the different comentators point of view of kedusha in a shul (Ramban, Ran, Rambam)

Kedusha of a Shul (c)Learn the differences between a shul and a Beit Hamikdash

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