Peula / aktivitet

R. Yakov Emden And R. Moshe Chaim Luzzato

Goals: Teach about two Acharonim, Ramchal and R. Yakov Emden. Teach the history of Shabtai Zvi and how this affected Judaism in the aftermath

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Peula / aktivitet
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The Mossad

Familiarize the chanichim with the achievements of the Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence Network; Illustrate some of the skills needed to be a Mossad agent

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Peula / aktivitet

Geula Shleima

The goal is that the chanichim will come away with a more realistic vision of what Geula is.  They will also consider the role that Medinat Yisrael could play in such a vision.

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  Históricamente se conoce con este nombre a la "Entrega de la Torá" o como algunos prefieren denominarla, la "Recepción de la Torá".

Este doble sentido, connota un pacto, así como también compromisos que se asumen y beneficios que se obtienen, cosas que se dejan de lado, normas nuevas por respetar, etc. ...

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ICMIS-The International Coalition for MIS
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