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Peula / aktivitet

Talking Culture

מטרה: התלמיד יבין את חשיבותה של כל מילה שאנו מוציאים מהפה ולכן כמה אנו צריכים להיזהר בלשוננו לא לרכל, להעליב או לפגוע בחבר.

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Shiur/ lektion

Intro To Shoftim

Intro: In our last shiurim, we focused on Yehoshua. Now, we will move onto Shoftim, and compare it to Yehoshua. We will also outline the two themes in this Perek which will continue throughout Sefer Shoftim.

Lack of leadership – manhigut

Failure of Am Israel to kick out the other nations in

Israel (hitnachalut- settling the land) – which leads to them worshipping avodah zara, as they are then influenced by those nations.

Lack of unity among the shevatim - achdut. They act as separate nations and not as one cohesive unit.


(1)     The chanichim will see the failures and lack of leadership of the Shoftim generation by contrasting the first two perakim of Shoftim to parallels in Sefer Yehoshua.

(2)     The chanichim will realize the issues created due to Bnei Israel not taking initiative to finish conquering the land and kick out the avodah zara worshipping nations.

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