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In Memorium: St. Sgt. Roi Nissim

An obituary for St. Sgt. Roi Nissim, who was killed in the Gaza Strip on June 27, 2004

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Short article for Yom Ha'shoa

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דגש על הצניעות, כבוד עצמי ואיך אנשים אחרים מגיבים אליך בהתאם לצורת הלבוש שלך

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Activities, information, quizzes and fun work sheets about Pessach and the spring for 1st-6th grade
Petition for Israel's Kidnapped and Missing Soldiers
Petition for Israel's Kidnapped and Missing Soldiers
ICMIS is launching an international campaign to gather at least 1,000,000 signatures on an Internet petition in support of Israel's kidnapped and missing soldiers and their families.
Sharei Shechem-Torah Resources
Sharei Shechem-Torah Resources
Tora resources & transelation for the Tanach & others in English!