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Escape From Russia

To give the chanichim an experience which will help them comprehend what it is like to live in an oppressive society and remind them to appreciate their own freedom.

To discuss how

Israel should deal with the mass aliyah from the former


Ethiopia… and how we must relate to new olim.

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Dereh Eretz

Message à transmettre :

Montrer l’importance de travailler sur ses midot pour être dans la voie du dereh eretz, dans le but de mieux faire les mitswot, de mieux être en cohérence avec soi-même, et de mieux servir D.

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Teach the kids about tzedaka, how it’s done, why it’s important

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

1. To learn this story of Avraham2. To think about how much more our actions say, than our words3. Micro - macro. Bettering oneself will ultimately lead to bettering the world.

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The Illegal Immigration To Israel- Haapla


מטרת הפעולה היא שהחניך ילמד על התקופה ועל מפעל העפלה ויבין את והרצון לעליה למרות הקשיים  בדרך חווייתית.

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