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Teamwork- Shabbat Parashat Pinchas

Goal: to teach the kinderlach more about Ben Adam l’chavero and specifically teamwork. Sure one or two people can make or break a team but that’s not the point and we don’t want them finding that out for at least two or three years. Most of it is gonna be games that they can play and the message of those games is teamwork. If the kids aren’t bright enough to understand the game at least make sure they understand the message.

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B.7. Mental Gifts

This exercise fosters greater acceptance, emotional generosity and thoughtfulness towards other members of the group and is totally random. Member self-confidence and inter-personal communication are also enhanced.

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Am Yisrual Unity

מטרת הפעולה: לגרום לחניכים להבין שלמרות שהחברה הישראלית מורכבת מאנשים שונים ומתרבויות שונות עלינו לגשר על ההבדלים ולהתאחד בתור עם ישראל.

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Chanukah Games

משחקים לחנוכה- תפזורת, משחק זיכרון, מתח קו וכו'

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36 Things You Should Know About Israel

An interesting list of facts to get kids interested in a peulah (preferably) relating to israel

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