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Shavuot Quiz

מטרה : להכיר מושגים ומנהגים הקשורים בחג שבועות באמצעות חידון.

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Newspaper for Pesach

עיתון משעשע לקראת פסח, המספר את סיפור פסח דרך דיווחים בעיתון

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Peula / aktivitet

Why Israel?

Aretz-Yisrael and Am-Yisrael are always in the head-lines-why? What's so special about us?

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Chavraya - Aleph

Being that Sunday is the 10 B'Tevet, we would like the chanachim to be confronted with the question: why is remembering important?

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Pessach on Eish
Pessach on Eish
Ideas for all, games, divrei tora and halachot for pessach