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Shavuot And Megillat Ruth

1. To learn about Shavuot through its many names2. To consider the different minhagim (customs) of Shavuot and understand their relevance3. To know the 'story' of Megillat Ruth

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Independence War- Game

מטרה: להעביר לחניכים מידע על מלחמת השחרור בצורה חווייתית.

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Women Beit Midrash- Tishrey

ערב ראש חודש – תשרי

 "ראש השנה – זמן של התחדשות"

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The Connection To Eretz Yisroel

The goal:

To open up the subject of living in Israel, as appose to support Israel.

Get the Chanichim to think about how they feel about the subject personally, or even come to a wider conclusion thinking about Jews living in Israel, and their own part in Israel- financial, spiritual, physical, or maybe, all of them together.

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