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Tu Bishvat Song Sheet

Prayer on planting trees in


והשירים- שירת העשבים, השקדייה פורחת וכך הולכים השותלים

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Eli Cohen Says Shmah Israel

Goal: Power of saying Shema

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Pesach Activity


לימוד עשר המכות בצורה חווייתית

ביצוע היכרות "אישית" עם עשרת המכות

יישום עשרת המכות למשמעויות הנוגעות לילדים

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Lyrics of famous Israeli songs transalated to English
Lyrics of famous Israeli songs transalated to English
50 Years of Hebrew Song, many lyrics for Israeli and hebrew songs transalated to English from the MFA
Torah Tots
Torah Tots
a site full of fun activities and games for all festivals. There are activities for shabbat, Birchot Hashachar, learning the alef-bet and more. You could also find a summary for this week's Parsha and colour pictures of the Parsha.
Readings for Independence Day
Readings for Independence Day
Selected Readings for Independence Day in Eng and Heb by MFA