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Aliyaah - Welcome On The Bus

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Ding dong: this is your captain speaking.

Welcome aboard the Nefesh BNefesh aliyah flight. Mazal Tov on your decision to make Aliyah.

We are happy to welcome all of you on your aliyah today, and hope youll find life in Israel very exciting, full of Ruach and ideology.

Soon we will be landing in Israel.

Prior to landing each one of you will receive Teudat Oleh, an Aliyah certificate given by the Israeli government. Keep this certificate for the rest of your stay in Israel this summer. By handing it in at the end of camp, signed by your madrichim, you will get the right to become a full citizen of Eretz Yisrael, together with a special surprise.

Together with it you will receive sal klita the initial budget given by the Israeli government, to help you get started. Keep it it will be helpful for you one day use it at shekem.

The Israeli government and Nefesh BNefesh wish you lots of Hatzlacha in your life in Israel.

[thank the pilot (ask for the drivers name) and then sing

with everyone on the bus]

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