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The Reign Of King David

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Typ av resurs: Peula / aktivitet in: Engelska
Ålder: 6-12
Storlek: 10-50
Beräknad tid: 45 minutes

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Resurs mål


To learn the story of Davids conquest of Jerusalem

To discuss the importance of having a capital city

War, good or bad?

Behövligt material


a cup (or any object really- and if you want to you can make some sort of Jerusalem representation)

a blindfold or two (optional)



To learn the story of Davids conquest you will be doing the unthinkable, playing snatch the cup. After the game try to have a sicha on the last two points listed on the objective list. See below for the Snatch the Cup story (no just listing random numbers here) and the discussion questions. Oh, and its "capture Jerusalem" not Snatch the Cup. Divide your Chanichim into two groups the Jebusites and Davids army. To add something a little different to the game for the older more experienced cup snatchers, you can make some of the Jebusites blind and lame. (blind fold one or two and make another couple hop on one foot) This is because upon approaching Jerusalem David is told he can not enter Jerusalem unless he could remove the blind or lame from the city. Explain this to the Chanichim before you play, dont just cripple the Jebusite team without telling the Chanichim why. (If Zach kids are not interested in the game, at least try to do the sicha with them and tell them the basic story of Davids conquest.)

Story for Snatch the Cup/ Capture Jerusalem

(numbers will be in capitals so you dont miss them also, the story will only have numbers one through five, if you have more than ten kids in a group just add in extra numbers as they are needed, last but not least remind the kids who are number two that they should not go if the word to or too is said only if the number two is used)

ONEce upon a time there was a King named David. David was the King of the Jewish nation. About FIVE years into Davids rule he decided that he needed a capital city to rule from. He finally narrowed it down to THREE options: Tzfat, Jerusalem and Eilat. David called his FOUR most trusted advisors to him. "Which city should I conquer?" David asked. It was unanimous the advisors all agreed on option number TWO, Jerusalem. It was decided! In the year ONE-thousand-and-THREE BCE David approached the Jebusite city of Jerusalem. "Come out and fight," yelled David. "NO," called the Jebusites. David was confused these people were more chicken than the FOUR old sheep he had to care for during his days as a shepherd. "I will break down the walls to your city FIVE stones at a time if you dont come out," replied David. The Jebusites werent scared. They just yelled back at David TWO times louder than he yelled at them, "we wont come out unless you remove all the blind and the lame from our city." They are mocking me, thought David. Well, Ill show them! David and THREE of his strongest men grabbed the massive FOURteen meter battering ram and knocked the gates to Jerusalem right off of its TWO shiny new hinges. "There goes another door," sighed the Jebusite mayor or Jerusalem. "I guess I will have to raise taxes another FIVE percent."

In under ONE hour David managed to round up all the blind and lame Jebusites. David and his men then went on to conquer Jerusalem and kill all the Jebusites that lived there.

To this day Jerusalem remains the center of the Jewish people.

Discussion Points/ Conclusion

David ruled from 1010-970 BCE.

Jerusalem was captured in 1003 BCE and was established as the capital of Israel.

Why is it important to have a capital city? (both then and now)

A meeting place (the Beit Hamikdash was later located there)and gathering place (think The 3 Regalim)

A place of commerce (markets, the stock exchange)

A place of politics ( The Knesset, the San Hedrin)

A cultural center (theaters)

David had to use war to capture Jerusalem. Was he right in doing this?

Is war good or bad? Can it be both? (back up you answers)

With the older grades discuss the concept of Milchemet mitzvah and reshut, which was David fighting?

Milchemet Reshut

Milchemet Mitzvah


when a king wants to conquer foreign lands


who must go

the men

everyone: women, grooms, brides, someone who just built a house, or planted an orchard (these people would not fight in a milchemet reshut)

permission must be received by the Sanhedrin prior to conquest

war must be by order of HSHEM

spoils cannot be taken

everyone: men, women, children and animals must be killed

(If this Sicha is being done with Zach and is going well ask them this final question) What kind of war is going on in Israel today? (On one hand it is for protection, but on the other no permission from the San Hedrin, but then again there is no San Hedrin- Make them think!)

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