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Advanced Question Football

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Typ av resurs: Spel in: Engelska
Ålder: 10-18
Storlek: 10-55
Beräknad tid: 45 minutes

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TYPE: Quiet

Eleven chairs and an object are needed

The group is divided into two teams.  The "ball" (any object) is put on the 20 yard line and a team is given four downs (questions) to advance the team's goal line (80 yards away).  Each time, before a question is asked, the first team must choose either to run, punt, or pass.  If they choose to run and answer the question correctly, the ball advances 5 yards.  If they choose to pass or punt, they state the number of yards they wish to go.  If the question is answered correctly, the ball advances that distance.  If it is answered incorrectly, the other team may take over the ball (intercept it) merely by answering the question correctly.  If ten yards are gained by a team within four downs, they can use another four down to try to make a touchdown.  Six points are scored for every crossing of the goal (touchdown). One point is given for an additional question answered correctly after a touchdown.


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