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peoula (activite)

Situaciones Que Llevan A Hacer Alia

Situarlo al janij en la realidad, haciéndole ver las diferentes Situaciones que hoy se presentan a la hora de hacer Alia.

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Candle Lighting Bracha

The Bracha for lighting the candles on Chanukah & "Maoz Tzor". In Heb & Phonetic.

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Liens recommandés

ICMIS-The International Coalition for MIS
ICMIS-The International Coalition for MIS
The Israeli MIAs website, with all 8 MIAs and chronology note- the website has not been updated since July 2005.
Kassam Attacks on Sderot, Israel
Kassam Attacks on Sderot, Israel
You tube movie about Israel
Bar & Bat Mitzvah children are building a jewish world
You have reached the age of 12/13 and you are planning your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Interact with Israeli friends your age, who will be your twin group! Learn an exciting and interactive educational program and for the first time – the program includes an unprecedented trip to Israel and an Oath to Jerusalem at the Western Wall!
Activities, information, quizzes and fun work sheets about Pessach and the spring for 1st-6th grade